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    Saltwater Fishing Apparel

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    There are certain qualities that are important in good saltwater fishing apparel. For starters, it can be assumed that you’re going to be doing something athletic, or at least moving around a boat for hours at a time, so comfort is a nice bonus. Second, saltwater fishing apparel is for people who plan to be out in the elements, so the clothing must be able to handle the relentless sun and sharp winds of the sea. This includes keeping you cool or warm as the situation demands. Finally, any activities involving the sea have an element of risk involved, and for that reason, saltwater apparel has to be strong, built from materials that are flexible and tough. As each of these qualities are further explored, examples of high-quality saltwater fishing apparel will be used to highlight why they’re ideal for your next saltwater excursion.

    Sun Protection Fishing Shirts from Mojo

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    Although it is far more fun to think about the fish you’re going to catch, if you’re in charge of a crew that includes children and less experienced anglers, then it’s up to you to make sure everyone is safe and protected. That means being knowledgeable about common threats to your crew’s safety, and among those, overexposure to the sun can be the most harmful. As much as the sun is associated with sun kissed tans and healthy outdoor activities, too much of it can cause dangerous short or long-term ailments. While almost everyone has experienced a sunburn, few have an understanding of the more severe conditions that can be caused by the sun, especially when dehydration becomes a factor. Recognizing the symptoms and knowing how to treat these increasingly serious sun ailments can enable you to save someone before permanent damage is done.

    Different Types of Performance Fishing Shirts

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    Odds are pretty good that most anglers will have a combination of these shirts in their closet, but will gravitate towards one over the others. Although fundamentally they’re just different patterns of fabric, each of these styles of common shirts says a lot about the men who wear them. From the college-like allure of the Polo shirt, to the rugged t-shirt, each of these distinct styles sends a different message about who you are and where you’re going.

    Everything You Need to Know About Fishing for Marlins

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    While there are hundreds of species of fish that only experienced fishermen can tell apart, there are no other fish quite like the Marlin. Alpha-predators of the sea, the long speared nose and giant sail of the Marlin make it one of the most distinct looking fish known to man. These little-known facts will give you some idea about one of the world’s most effective underwater predators, the Marlin.

    European Fishing Destinations

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    Europe is the birthplace of Western Civilization and home to some of the greatest coastal cities in the world. This means phenomenal fishing, as numerous world records are held off the Canary Islands in Spain, and fishing for salmon in the Dee River near Aberdeen, Scotland is sure to be an unforgettable experience. With numerous online vacation packages and websites available, it’s easier than ever to plan out the fishing trip of a lifetime.

    The Most Dangerous Freshwater Fish

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    We may think of fish as soft and scaly, but many of them have enough teeth, spines, or muscle to do damage to the careless angler. We’re not just talking about piranhas here. Common catches like catfish, blue gill, and halibut have all been known to cause injuries to fishermen who weren’t knowledgeable on how to handle them. As we explore some of the common freshwater fish that can pack a punch, let’s remember how to safely handle them so no one in our group gets injured from their next catch.

    Fishermen in the News: Summer 2015

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    Although many consider fishing a hobby for men who are laid back and like to unplug, the fact is, fisherman are more inclined to get into adventurous situations and take action. Whether it’s the one guy on a crowded pier who decided to hook a drone out of the air, or a fisherman in a viral video who is the hero of the day for rescuing kittens, these recent examples show that anglers are no strangers to the headlines.

    What You Need for the Perfect Fishing Trip

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    Like any activity involving people, fish, and Mother Nature, fishing trips involve some factors that are beyond our control. The fish might bite, or they might not. The weather might cooperate, or it might storm as soon as you get to your spot. However, there are major aspects that can be prepared for, and by optimizing each of these fundamental parts of a great fishing trip, we can ensure that short of a natural disaster, it’s guaranteed to be an excellent day.

    Five Reasons to Take Someone Fishing This Year

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    For anyone who remembers life before the Internet, it’s easy to see how much our lives have become dependent on technology. It’s becoming increasingly rare that we get to unplug and escape the latest Facebook posts or emails that demand even more of our valuable time. Luckily, fishing offers us a break from the chaos of daily life. Here are five other good reasons to introduce someone to fishing in 2015.

    Best Fishing Apps for Every Angler

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    New technology in fishing is no longer limited to rods and reels. Fishing apps now exist that take advantage of GPS, help you find ideal fishing spots, give detailed weather reports, and more, all from your own smart phone. Here are some of the greatest apps that are available for fishermen.

    International Fishing Destinations

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    While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a perfect afternoon fishing at the same spot you’ve been going to for decades, this is a big world and we only live once. Taking an international fishing vacation can be a priceless experience that greatly expands your fishing knowledge and rekindles your love of adventure. Each of these international fishing destinations offers unforgettable experiences in their own unique ways.

    Five Alternative Ways to Catch Fish

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    When most Americans think of fishing, a rod, reel, hook, and tackle box come to mind. However, creative hunters and outdoorsmen have been using much more eclectic and savage ways to catch fish for thousands of years. As we explore these alternative methods of fishing, it’s clear that each has a unique set of rules, skills, and challenges.

    Stick to the shore: Five ways shore fishing is more fun

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    No one can argue the fact that boats are cool and can be an excellent tool for fishing. In fact, entire blogs have been written on the subject. That said, when compared to the experience of shore fishing, boats can be constricting, expensive, time consuming, and just not as much fun as fishing from the shore. Here are five reasons why the most fun and memorable fishing trips are more likely to happen on the shoreline.

    Five of the Biggest Fish Caught off the East Coast

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    An experienced angler might catch hundreds or even thousands of fish throughout their lifetime, but the biggest catch always sticks out as the most memorable. Anyone who has had the privilege of wrestling a monstrous tuna or tenacious redfish onto their boat appreciates the thrill and fight that goes along with it. Luckily, you don’t have to travel to an exotic jungle to find giant fish. These five record-setting catches will reignite your passion for the sea, and all of them were caught off the East Coast.

    Avoid the Burn: Ways to protect yourself from the sun

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    No matter your favorite outdoor activity, the sun is constantly there, providing heat, golden suntans, and Vitamin D, but also, skin damage and other possible health complications. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote, “Moderation in all things” applies to just about everything, but especially sun exposure.

    We’ve all felt the sting of a brutal sunburn as the shower water hits our bright red shoulders, or woken up itching our peeling skin after a fishing trip during which we forgot to pack the sunscreen. Luckily, there are simple tips to prevent sun damage, and we have a few of them here.

    Five Advantages to Offshore Fishing

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    Although true anglers have an appreciation for fishing in all forms, many are known to have preferences when it comes to locations or methods. This article explores the reasons why some anglers prefer offshore fishing to fishing from the shore, and takes into account the functionality, success, and overall sport of offshore fishing.

    Performance Fishing Apparel – Worth Every Cent

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    If you fish once or twice a year…stick with your lucky t shirt. But if you want to be a serious angler, it’s time to invest in some serious performance apparel by Mojo Gear. Some of the best anglers in the world wear Mojo for the same reasons you should: functionality, durability and sharp looks. Mojo Gear keeps you protected from the sun, dry and cool, so you can concentrate on fishing.   

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