Performance Fishing Shirts & Shorts, UV Protective Apparel

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Performance Fishing Shirts

Moisture-wicking, Stain Resistant, Quick Dry, Breathable, UV Protective, Flex Action. If it’s been proven to enhance performance, keep the harmful UV rays off of you while making you look good, our shirts have it! Our entire lineup of fishing shirts are functional, durable and fashionable!

Performance Fishing Shorts

From the boat to the beach, our fishing and board shorts are dead sexy, comfortable, and built to last. Our fishing short is made with 100% Rip Stop Supplex® Nylon Fabric, they have roomy pockets with velcro closure and are stain resistant. Our Board shorts are made of a super cool stretch fabric that is beyond comfortable and they are known to turn heads.

Foul Weather Fishing Gear

Performance fishing jackets, sweaters, vests & pants to keep the elements at bay while you bring in the trophy fish. All of our foul weather gear features 100 percent waterproof construction and is still 100 percent breathable! Thanks to a revolutionary new material, water vapor can escape but water droplets cannot, keeping you dry and cool!

Sun & UV Protective Fishing Clothes

Even more important than catching fish and playing on the beach is protecting your skin. Our UV protective fishing clothes offer a Sun Protection Rating: UPF 50+ while still letting your skin breathe. This keeps you cool and safe. Now get out there and play!